At a Glance

As a fishing and food company with a vast, sustainable global supply chain, we’ve made it our mission to deliver the most delicious food to people around the world. 

Success shown by numbers

 Maruha Nichiro by numbers Maruha Nichiro by numbers
*1 As of March 2024
*2 UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage event held in Japan’s Aomori prefecture.

Our pledge to sustainability

Sustainable practices contribute to a thriving society. Our actions prove we’re evolving into a more sustainable corporate group, securing a healthy planet for future generations. 


A pioneer of bluefin tuna farming

In 2010, Maruha Nichiro became the first private company to achieve 100% egg-to-harvest, farm-raised luefin tuna. We’re now applying our knowledge of fish farming to other fish species and expanding our sales channels in Japan and overseas.

photo of a fish farm which has ASC cerification

Certifiable protection of marine life

We actively prevent the depletion of resources and protect marine life by gaining MSC and ASC certifications. MSC is given to well-managed and sustainable fisheries, while ASC certifies seafood products raised through responsible aquaculture.

image of environmental protection

Protecting the environment

Maruha Nichiro acts against climate change by reducing CO2 emissions, utilizing waste materials for biogas power generation facilities, and switching to non-CFC refrigeration equipment.

fish leftover

Effective resource management

Eliminating waste in the supply chain means using natural resources effectively by reducing plastics in product containers and packaging and utilizing fishery waste during food processing.

photo of the tropical ocean

The SeaBOS initiative

Since its inception, we’ve participated in the SeaBOS initiative, taking on a leadership role in a global initiative championing responsible ocean management involving the world’s leading fisheries.

Working together

Protecting the natural environment and delivering high-quality food to people around the world is a group effort. We respect and support local communities so that everyone can accomplish their goals and grow together.