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The Sustainability page on our website includes the latest Sustainability Report about our sustainability activities, achievements, and developments in fiscal year 2018 centered on the main objectives (materiality) of the Maruha Nichiro Group Medium-term Sustainability Management Plan (FY2018–2021).

Presenting information about the Group's initiatives in an easy-to-understand format for our wide range of stakeholders, the report provides sustainability information based on the Core option requirements of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Sustainability Reporting Standards to ensure the accuracy, transparency, and completeness of the information.

Data on the Group's labor and environmental performance are available at the following links

Personnel and Labor-Related data

Environmental Data

Integrated Report 2021

The Maruha Nichiro Group makes maximal use of the knowledge and assets it has cultivated over more than 140 years, and, by developing its global business, provides people around the globe with the vital energy through food. To communicate to our stakeholders our strategy for future growth and our commitment to social sustainability, and to promote future dialogue, we have followed this concept to publish the “Maruha Nichiro Group Integrated Report 2021.”

1. Balance profit growth and sustainability through strategy and business activities to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic
2. Take responsibility as a general food company that continues to offer wholesome, safe, and healthy food
3. Be a stable business platform that has been cultivated through dialogue with Stakeholders and improvements

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