Health Management

Basic Approach

Each and every employee's mental and physical health and the ability to maximize their individuality and abilities will lead to the sustainable growth of the Company. The Maruha Nichiro Group will promote activities to practice health management in cooperation with the Health Insurance Association and our employees.

Health Management Policy

Health Management Policy

Strategy map

In this expert organization, Maruha Nichiro Corporation health issues are organized according to our health management framework, and goals are arranged as follows.


Framework for Health Management

Health management framework
  1. High risk approach
    -Achieve zero deaths from untreated patients requiring medical treatment and zero deaths from incumbency by providing thorough individual guidance
    -Strengthen health check follow-up measures and achieve 70% secondary health checkup participation rate
  2. Population approach
    -Conduct seminars for employees to improve health literacy and foster health consciousness and prompt behavioral changes / Aim to achieve 70% or more willingness to change behavior among seminar participants
    -Hold corporate events that incorporate food, sleep, and exercise as a series of activities, and aim for an achievement rate of at least 50% of employees' voluntary goals.

Management Structure

Maruha Nichiro Corporation has established a specialized organization under the supervision of the Managing Executive Officer, consisting of the Maruha Nichiro Health Insurance Association, the Human Resources Department, and the Maruha Nichiro Health Promotion Office (industrial physicians, public health nurses, clinical psychologists, and nursing clerks).

Chart of Health Management Promotion Framework (Maruha Nichiro Corporation)

Chart of Health Management Promotion Framework (Maruha Nichiro Corporation)

To promote health management throughout the Maruha Nichiro Group, we explain the significance of our efforts and share case studies at Group Labor Relations Managers' Meetings and Health and Safety Committee Meetings.

Main Contents of the Regular Monthly Meeting
(Participated by Human Resources Department, Maruha Nichiro Health Promotion Office, and Maruha Nichiro Health Insurance Association)

  • Construction of health management strategy map
  • Formulation of measures
  • Analysis of health checkup and specific health guidance data
  • Measures to prevent serious illness
  • Follow-up for employees posted overseas
  • Mental health, etc.

Maruha Nichiro Health Promotion Office

The Maruha Nichiro Health Promotion Office, located at the head office, also functions as a clinic, with an industrial physician (4 days a week), public health nurse, and clinical psychologist (every weekday) on staff to support the physical and mental health of our employees. The office also provides follow-up health checkups for employees on loan and those posted overseas, as well as information dissemination.

Support by Maruha Nichiro Health Promotion Office

  • Medical examination and consultation
  • Prescription of about 50 kinds of medicines
  • Provision of over-the-counter medicines according to symptoms
  • Hospital referrals (issuance of letters of introduction)
  • Private beds・Sanitary care products
  • Health checkup follow-up
  • Support for employees working long hours
  • Stress check for high-stress employees
  • Support for employees returning from leave
  • Providing influenza vaccinations
  • Lending of books on mental and physical health and LGBTQ+ issues
Maruha Nichiro Health Promotion Office consultation room
Maruha Nichiro Health Promotion Office consultation room

Maruha Nichiro Health Insurance Association

The Maruha Nichiro Health Insurance Association promotes health management in cooperation with the Human Resources Department to support the maintenance and promotion of the health of its members.

Health Service Policies by Maruha Nichiro Health Insurance Association

  • Health Examination
    We focus especially on diabetes management and primary and secondary prevention of cancer.
  • Specific health checkups and specific health guidance
    In cooperation with industrial health staff, we strive to prevent serious illnesses.
  • Data health planning and collaborative health
    We analyze receipts and medical checkup data, etc., to identify medical expenses, stratify health risks, and identify highly effective subjects for health projects, and share this information with occupational health staff.
  • Dental Health Consultation
    Dental health consultations (dental health examinations, dental checkups) are conducted periodically to prevent dental caries (carious teeth) and periodontal disease, and to detect and treat dental disease in its early stages.
  • Prevention of Infectious Diseases
    Subsidies for influenza vaccination are provided.
  • Educational activities for health promotion
    With health management at the core, we focus on raising awareness of lifestyle-related diseases, self-medication, etc.

Health Management Promotion Staff

One person in charge of health management promotion is assigned to each department at the head office and to each branch office and plant to strengthen employee participation in health management. Once a quarter, a meeting of health management promotion officers is held to provide information and exchange opinions.

Examples of Health Management Promotion Staff Meeting Content

  • What is Maruha Nichiro's Health Management?
  • Health checkups and follow-up measures
  • Mental Health and Return-to-Work Support
  • Introduction of health insurance association
  • Introduction of measures and report on implementation

History of Maruha Nichiro health management

Main Initiatives in FY2022

At Maruha Nichiro, we are promoting initiatives for both "physical" and "mental" health.

Initiatives for "Body"

Health Checkups and Subsequent Measures

Maruha Nichiro Co., Ltd. conducts more comprehensive health checkups by adding its own checkup items in addition to those required by laws and regulations. While aiming for a 100% health checkup rate, the company is also working to improve the figures for post-medical checkups by providing individual guidance by public health nurses and fully covering the cost of secondary checkups. As a result, various numerical improvements have been recognized.

Imple mentation of Stress Checkup and Analysis

Maruha Nichiro Corporation's own additional medical checkup items

  • Abdominal ultrasound
  • Fundus examination
  • Uric acid level
  • Rubella antibody
  • ABC checkup (gastric cancer risk test) *Performed at age 27 and 35 (stomach X-ray for age 40 and over)
  • Fecal occult blood (colorectal cancer screening)
  • Breast ultrasound (breast cancer screening)

Efforts to Promote Health Management Using In-House Products

The "DHA Challenge," which was implemented for three consecutive years starting in fiscal 2019, was a core project of our health management, as a total of more than 400 employees ate our DHA-containing products, and all of them showed improvement in neutral fat. The three-year initiative has been a central part of our health management plan, as it has shown a certain degree of success in improving triglycerides, health issues are not limited to triglycerides, and exercise, not just food, is essential to achieve good health, In addition, health issues are not limited to triglycerides, but are also individualized, and exercise is essential in addition to diet to achieve good health.

Through this initiative, we aim to help people understand their own health status in preparation for health checkups, strengthen (Boost) their health (Wellness) by practicing well-balanced dietary habits and exercise habits, and help each person to be in a good state (Well-being) mentally, physically, and socially. We are committed to providing a wide range of services to our clients.

Officers who participated in the 2023 well-B Challenge
Officers who participated in the 2023 well-B Challenge

The DHA Challenge and well-B Challenge initiatives have improved the prevalence of lipids.

Prevalence of lipids after DHA challenge and well-B challenge in Maruha Nichiro Co.

Prevalence of lipids after DHA challenge and well-B challenge in Maruha Nichiro Co.

After the program is completed, the results of the health checkups of the participants are analyzed, and awards are presented to employees who have shown particularly outstanding improvements in results and behavioral changes.

The number of participants in this program is increasing every year, and the management system is being strengthened.

Number of Participants in the DHA Challenge and Well-B Challenge

DHA challengewell-B challenge

Efforts to Reduce Smoking Rates

Efforts are being made to reduce the smoking rate among employees by providing free online interviews and app-based support titled "Graduated Smoking Program" starting in 2019.

As a result, a decrease in smoking rates has been observed. We will continue our efforts with the goal of reducing the smoking rate below 12%.

Smoking Rates

Smoking Rates

Providing Healthy Meals

Maruha Nichiro Co., Ltd. has introduced "office nosh," a health-conscious boxed lunch that contains less than 30 g of sugar and 2.5 g of salt per serving. By offering sales hours until the evening, the lunchboxes can be used not only for lunch but also for dinner or to-go. In addition, sales are handled by the Nanairo Support Team, which employs people with disabilities.

office nosh
"office nosh"

Initiatives Related to Mental Health

Stress Check Implementation and Analysis

Maruha Nichiro Corporation has been conducting stress checks at all of its business sites since fiscal 2016 in accordance with the December 2015 introduction of mandatory stress checks. The goal is to respond early to those with mental disorders or pre-morbidities, and to improve the workplace environment. The results of the post-implementation analysis will be reported to the management meeting to strengthen the follow-up for workplace improvement based on the data.

Status of Stress Check Implementation

Status of Stress Check Implementation

In addition, the company measures presenteeism (a state in which employee performance is declining due to physical or mental health problems) at the same time as stress checks, and uses it as a productivity and performance indicator. Maruha Nichiro Corporation is working to eliminate presenteeism with the goal of achieving a performance score of 65 or higher.

Score of Presenteeism

FYNumber of people measuredresponse rateScore

Measured by WHO-HPQ methods.
0 to 100 points, with higher actual values indicating better performance.

Preventive Measures against Mental Health Problems

Maruha Nichiro Co., Ltd. has named the program "Kokoroba" so that employees can easily consult with clinical psychologists and other professionals to prevent mental health problems, and is promoting its use within the company. In fiscal year 2022, all 50 new employees were given individual counseling by a clinical psychologist.

In addition, as part of our mental care program, we have introduced company-wide "Bukasil," a 1-on-1 meeting. While this is partly to foster a corporate culture, it also aims to ensure that supervisors are good interlocutors for their subordinates and pay attention to how their subordinates are doing from a comprehensive perspective, including their health. Furthermore, we have introduced a mentor system to improve the quality of relationships, or primary prevention.

Initiatives to Improve Employee Health Literacy

New Employee Training

Maruha Nichiro Corporation provides opportunities for new employees to deepen their understanding of D&I and health management during their training, and introduces the meaning of "Diversity & Inclusion" and its position in our company, the meaning of "health management" based on the concept of D&I, and our actual approaches to it in order to create a corporate culture that includes the future generation. and our actual approaches to it.

Efforts to Eliminate Lack of Exercise and Establish Exercise Habits

FYEventsContentsNumber of
2020Exercise Lesson Video StreamingVideo distribution of a total of 4 exercise programs, "home version" and "office version," in response to the Corona Disaster.Viewed 705 times
2021WalkinpicAim for the gold medal by earning points for the number of steps taken + physical activity (METS) + participation in the exercise program252
2022Steps CompetitionSteps competition as part of well-B Challenge 2022221
2023Steps CompetitionSteps competition as part of well-B Challenge 2023295
2023Exercise DAYSExercise events open to anyone, anytime, anywhere307

Efforts to Improve Eating Habits and Prevent Lifestyle-Related Diseases

FYEventsContentsNumber of participants
2021Lifestyle seminarA seminar on dietary techniques to improve work efficiency was held. 126
2021 Body Composition Measurement SessionBody composition measurement and advice by public health nurses260
2022Yakult RelayIn conjunction with the promotion of intestinal health, a message of gratitude was sent to department members and Yakult was passed on by baton.200
2023Veg-Check measurement sessionRaise awareness of vegetable intake, confirm current status, and promote behavioral change1000 and more

Sleep Initiatives

FYContentsNumber of participants
2021Acquire knowledge and skills to obtain good sleep68

Women's Health Initiatives

FYEventsContentsNumber of participants
2020Women's Fest2020 Five events focused on women's health issues139
2021Working women's health video distributionA three-part video on the theme of "working women's health" was releasedViewed 226 times
2022Working Women's Health SeminarInvited obstetrician-gynecologist Dr. Miho Takao to learn about health issues specific to women and promote behavioral change149

Case Report to External Parties

  • 2022 Case Report at the Society for Occupational Health
    "Introducing ABC screening for employees under 40 years of age during periodic health checkups"
  • 2021 Spring and Autumn / 2022 Spring HR Conference Speaker
  • 2023 Seminar hosted by Sankei Shimbun
    Speaker at "Health Management and Well-Being*1 Management: The Intrinsic Value of Investing in People" with leading companies

External Evaluation of Health Management Initiatives

Maruha Nichiro Corporation has received the following external recognition for its health management initiatives.

  • Health Management Brand 2022
  • White 500: Excellent Corporation for Health Management 2022
  • Highest rank in the DBJ Health Management Rating
  • Sports Yell Company 2023
  • Tokyo Metropolitan Government Sports Promotion Company
Status of Stress Check Implementation