Management Structure

The Maruha Nichiro Group's Medium-term Management Plan “For the Ocean, for Life MNV 2024”

Maruha Nichiro aims to create Maruha Nichiro Value (MNV) for all stakeholders in order to enhance enterprise value and achieve sustainable growth through the integration of management strategy and sustainability.

In the sustainability strategy in the Maruha Nichiro Group's Medium-term Management Plan "For the Ocean, for Life MNV2024” since FY2022, we have reviewed materiality and established KGIs (Ideal state by 2030) and KPIs for each materiality. The Maruha Nichiro Group has established promotion systems, including the Sustainability Committee, and will promote activities to realize materiality and achieve KPIs.

Management Structure

The Sustainability Committee of the Maruha Nichiro Group is chaired by the President & CEO and Representative Director, and consists of the executive officers who also serve as directors of Maruha Nichiro Corporation, officers in charge of related departments, and related Department Heads as committee members, with outside Directors and Audit & Supervisory Board Members as observers.

The Sustainability Committee is responsible for planning the overall Group sustainability strategy, setting targets, and evaluating the activities of each Group company. The Committee also actively engaged in discussions during the materiality review process of the new Medium-term Management Plan. Also, as for each materiality promotion framework after the review, we have launched projects in the areas of "reduction of plastic use and food loss" under the materiality of "Contributing to a recycling-oriented society" and "Food provision contributing to creating health value and sustainability". The project owner is the officer in charge of the project and the project leader is the relevant department head and cross-departmental efforts have begun.

Since FY2022, the Sustainability Committee has been meeting four times a year to manage the progress of each materiality on a quarterly basis. We will promote activities together as a Group to achieve KPIs identified in each materiality.

Maruha Nichiro Group Organization Structure for Sustainability Promotion

Maruha Nichiro Group Organization Structure for Sustainability Promotion

Purpose: Verification and evaluation of progress status of materiality and achievement of KPIs for the overall Maruha Nichiro Group's sustainability strategy, as well as sharing issues and information

Overview of Sustainability Committee

Chairperson: President & CEO and Representative Director
Secretariat: Sustainability Group, Corporate Planning Department
Frequency of meetings: Twice a year (ad hoc committee meetings held as necessary)
Committee members: Executive Officers acting as Directors, Executive Officers in charge of related departments, and related Department Heads of Maruha Nichiro Corporation
Purpose: Verification and evaluation of progress status of the Medium-term Sustainable Management Plan for the Group overall, sharing issues and information

Sustainability Committee Results for FY2021

In FY2021, the Sustainability Committee met three times to deliberate on the following agenda. The agenda items and details are distributed to responsible persons and persons in charge of environmental concerns of each Maruha Nichiro Corporation department and group company in an effort to share information with all employees.

Times convened: 3

Primary Topics Content Details
Activity review of previous Medium-term Sustainability Management Plan in FY2020 and activity planning for FY2021
  • Progress status of [Creation of Environmental Value] numerical targets
  • Progress status of marine resources surveys
  • Progress status of supply chain surveys
Maruha Nichiro Group's Medium to Long-term Sustainability Management Plan Explanatory Material
Project to review alternative materials for plastics
  • Progress status of project activities
  • Project meetings: 6 meetings held
  • Study groups with packaging material suppliers: 4 meetings held
  • Sharing of specific action plans for environmentally friendly packaging materials
Formulation of the new Medium-term Management Plan Sustainability Strategy
  • Taking various steps to review materiality (internal and external questionnaires, dialogues, etc.)
  • Presentation of rationale on setting KPIs
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Activities related to endorsement of TCFD recommendations and scenario analysis
  • Expressing support for TCFD recommendations
  • Conducting a scenario analysis based on TCFD recommendations
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In FY2022, meetings will be held quarterly to deliberate on various topics, including the status of KPI achievement for each materiality of the Sustainability Strategy.

Internal Dissemination Measures

Conducting Group Philosophy Training

Group Philosophy Training is a new training program developed based on our experience that the Group Philosophy was not resonating with employees following the pesticide contamination incident at AQLI Foods that occurred in 2013. Regarding the mission and responsibility to society of the Maruha Nichiro Group included in the Group Philosophy, the training aims to share mutual awareness about the role that employees should play in implementing the Group Philosophy in their everyday jobs using direct communication between executive management and employees.

This group training program, which began in 2014, has been gradually rolled out to all employees of group companies in Japan and all Maruha Nichiro Corporation offices, with Maruha Nichiro executives serving as instructors for the philosophy training.

A total of about 8,000 Group employees attended the third round (FY2018 to FY2021), and received an explanation on the importance of the Maruha Nichiro Group's philosophy system and slogan.

In the fourth round (FY2022 to FY2024), we plan to continue the training with the objective of “personalizing the Group's philosophy.”

Third round of the Group Philosophy Training
Third round of the Group Philosophy Training