Who We Are

The Maruha Nichiro

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In the business of responsibility

For the ocean, for life

Delivering our quality to the world

Delicious, with purpose

From the purest sources to families everywhere

Our value chain connects our wide variety of customers directly to the source, whether it’s the deep seas, farms, or nature. It’s as if the bounty of the ocean, or the freshness of a garden, were right in your backyard. As the largest integrated food company in the world, we’re proud to offer this unique A to Z capability, connecting you to the source of your food.

130 years of exploration and progress

Maruha Nichiro started as a small fishery over 130 years ago. Now it's a world-leader in shaping how we eat—with a focus on quality and sustainability. Watch our history unfold side by side important chapters of Japan’s past.

Appreciation for the

Tasty food culture facts

A rich food culture in Japan inspires us to create new food products all the time. And this sense of innovation is rooted in an appreciation of tradition and history, not to mention the core of Japanese food: fish. Sink your teeth into these delicious Japanese food and culture facts.

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