Consumer-oriented Management

Basic Approach

The Maruha Nichiro Group's consumer-oriented management approach extends beyond simply creating customer satisfaction to respecting consumer rights and interests and conducting management practices centered on the consumer's perspective. In the second year of the plan, all of our employees are carrying out their jobs conscientious of the role that communication with our customers plays in fulfilling our responsibilities and in realizing our Group slogan "Bringing Delicious Delight to the World."

Medium-term Sustainability Management Plan (FY2018–2021)

Disseminate Consumer-oriented Management throughout the Company

Medium-term Goal
Cultivate corporate culture based on top commitments, facilitate organic communication between departments
Action Plan
  • Hold training seminars on consumer-oriented management
  • Build a system to promote consumer-oriented management
  • Strengthen business activities to make full use of customer views

Deepen Communications with Consumers

Medium-term Goal
Improve supply and mutual exchange of information to customers
Action Plan
  • Enhance customer service to satisfy all customers
  • Strengthen safety and security
  • Coordinate sustainable environmental activities
  • Coordinate food education for consumers

Declaration of Consumer-oriented Management

The fundamental mission of the Maruha Nichiro Group is to be a "Corporate group providing genuine, safe, and healthy food that society needs and contributing to flourishing lives."

As part of our fundamental mission, we endorsed the "consumer-oriented management" promoted by the Japanese Consumer Affairs Agency in 2016 and announced that our management policies would be rooted in our Declaration of Consumer-oriented Management established in March 2018.

Consumer-oriented Management includes the following.

  • Management is centered on the consumer's overall perspective and protects consumer rights and aims to increase consumer interest.
  • Management does its part to create a sound market and earn the trust of consumers by protecting consumer safety and fair trade and providing information needed by the consumer.
  • Business activities are conducted in accordance to our social responsibility and with the intention of creating the ideal sustainable society.

We use these as principles of our Group philosophy and have incorporated them into our Declaration of Consumer-oriented Management, Group slogan and vision, and management policies to make them integral to fulfilling our medium and long-term vision to contribute to realizing a sustainable society.

Consumer-oriented Management throughout the Company

We created an internal structure specifically to promote the understanding and implementation of consumer-oriented management by all Group employees. The structure includes providing educational training related to consumer-oriented management and using the "voice of the customer" to strengthen our business activities.

In fiscal 2018, our internal training in Japan included explanatory sessions about consumer-oriented management that were attended by nearly 2,000 employees. We also added an explanation of consumer-oriented management to the Maruha Nichiro Group's Customer Service Manual that is distributed to all employees throughout the Group. In addition, we revised and improved 39 products using the "voice of the customer" during the year that will help us offer even better products and services.

Closer Communications with Consumers

We are seeking to establish even closer mutual communication with customers by providing more information on our corporate homepage. We also conduct satisfaction surveys of customers with the aim of providing even better service. To continue building consumer trust in the Company, we advance safety and security measures and offer environmental and food education events. Steps to improve our products using the "voice of the customer" are communicated to Group employees via our Website. We will continue proactively sharing information to maintain open and mutual communication with customers.