Medium-term Management Strategy

Maruha Nichiro Group's New Medium-term Management Plan: For the ocean, for life MNV 2024

New long-term corporate vision toward 2027

We redefined the long-term corporate vision to enhance enterprise value and generate sustainable growth.

New Long-term Corporate Vision
  • To contribute to making the earth and society more sustainable by creation of “Maruha Nichiro Economic Value”, “Social Value” and “Environmental Value” through business.
  • To enhance value proposition of “Maruha Nichiro Brand” globally, and contribute to enhancing customers' health value.
  • To strengthen and make sustainable value chain, based on the business activities of procuring marine resources and food processing technology, and maximum enterprise value.
Business Vision
  • To become the No.1 global seafood supplier.
  • To become the No.1 frozen and nursing care food supplier in Japan.
  • To become a leading company of marine-based functional products.

Overview of new medium-term management plan: For the ocean, for life MNV 2024

Three main strategies in new medium-term management plan

To pursue the redefined long-term corporate vision, we develop back-casting approach road map for nonlinear growth and commit to “integration of business strategy and sustainability”, “implementation of management for creating value” and “strengthening business foundation for sustainable growth.”

Integration of business strategy and sustainability : creation of MNV

Through integrating business strategy and sustainability, we will create Maruha Nichiro Value (MNV) to all our stakeholders and enhance enterprise value and generate sustainable growth. To create MNV, we will steadily execute business strategies for maximizing “Maruha Nichiro Economic Value”, which is the foundation to make business continuous, and aim for maximizing “Social Value” and “Environmental Value.”

Implementation of management for creating value: business strategy financial KGI

  Target for FY2024
Target for FY2027
Forecast for FY2021
MNEV (billion yen) 9.5+ 11.0+ 8.9 0.6 2.1
Net Sales (billion yen) 960+ 1,000+ 860 100 140
Operating Income (billion yen) 27+ 31+ 23 4 8
EBITDA (billion yen) 46.5+ 50+ 41.2 5.3 8.8
ROIC 4.3%+ 5%+ 4.1% 0.2pt 0.9pt
ROE 9%+ 9%+ 10.7% (1.7pt) (1.7pt)
Net D/E Ratio < 1.2x < 1.0x 1.4x (0.2pt) (0.4pt)

*Basic concept of Maruha Nichiro Economic Value (MNEV)
We calculate “MNEV spread” by subtracting weighted average cost of capital (WACC) from return on invested capital (ROIC) and obtain MNEV by multiplying MNEV spread by amount of invested capital. It represents the economic amount of added enterprise value from the business operation.

Implementation of management for creating value: sustainability

We will clarify the role that we should play as the No.1 seafood company in the world and review materiality and aim to creating “Environmental Value” and “Social Value.”

Environmental Value
  • Action for climate change
  • Contributing to a recycling-oriented society
  • Action for marine pollution by marine plastics
  • Action for preserving biodiversity and ecosystem
Social Value
  • Provision of safe and secure food
  • Food provision contributing to creating health value and sustainability
  • Building work environment that diversified employees can work with a sense of security
  • Respect for human rights in business operation
  • Development of sustainable supply chain

Strengthening business foundation for sustainable growth

Creating and
based on
consumer's needs
  • Providing foods which can improve customers’ health, such as frozen food, processed food, food with functional claims, nursing food and pet food, based on the business activities of procuring marine resources and food processing technology
  • Proactive investment in marine-tech area and food-tech area
  • Exploring the possibility of utilizing digital technology in new business area
Active investment
in human
  • Strengthening organization and human resources for the goal of “Cultivating change makers for new era”
  • Strengthening corporate branding through proposal of “various utility value of the fish”
Managing risk
property and
utilizing intangible
  • Strengthening the risk management on intellectual property and utilization of intangible assets as group-wide through cooperation inside of our group
Developing foundation
for promoting DX
and utilizing digital
  • Developing organization to promote DX led by the top management and strengthening foundation for reform and new technology
  • Modernizing existing IT assets and increasing productivity by transforming operation process

For the ocean, for life MNV 2024

Maruha Nichiro Corporation / Maruha Nichiro Group Medium-term Management Plan