Labor-Management Relations

Basic Approach

At the Maruha Nichiro Group, we believe that maintaining and strengthening good labor/management relations is a prerequisite to creating stable lives for our employees and achieving sustainable growth.

Maintaining and Strengthening Good Labor-Management Relations

Maruha Nichiro Corporation has introduced a labor-management consultation system to build shared awareness between labor and management with regard to management issues, productivity improvements, working conditions, and the overall welfare of labor union members, as well as to respect the viewpoints of both sides.

In FY2020, we held labor-management consultations on 26 occasions.

Themes and Implementation Status of Labor-management Consultation

In FY2020,  Maruha Nichiro Corporation mostly focused on handling the following kinds of themes in labor-management consultation, and is steadily implementing each theme.

  • Introduction of new work-at-home system and flextime system without core time
  • Closure of Yu-bari Plant
  • Spring labor offensive