Labor-Management Relations

Basic Approach

At the Maruha Nichiro Group, we believe that maintaining and strengthening good labor-management relations is a prerequisite to creating stable lives for our employees and achieving sustainable growth.

Freedom of Association of Labor Unions

The Maruha Nichiro Group respects the rights of workers to organize, bargain collectively, and act collectively, and recognizes the freedom of association of labor unions.

Maintain and Improve Good Labor-Management Relations through Labor-Management Consultations

Maruha Nichiro Corporation has introduced a "labor-management consultation system" with the Maruha Nichiro Union to ensure that labor and management share a common understanding of management issues, productivity improvement issues, and the working conditions and general welfare of union members, and to respect the positions of both parties.

In fiscal 2022, labor-management consultations were held 31 times.

Percentage of Trade Union Members to All Employees (Percentage of Employees with Collective Bargaining Rights)

At Maruha Nichiro Corporation, 100% of general employees (regular employees in non-managerial positions) (60% of all employees) are members of the labor union.

Themes and Implementation Status of Labor-Management Consultation

At Maruha Nichiro Corporation, labor-management talks in fiscal 2022 focused mainly on the following themes, and each theme has been steadily realized.

  • Abolition of Hiroshima Plant
  • Revision of collective agreement
  • Spring labor offensive

Notification When Implementing a Material Change in Business

The collective bargaining agreement stipulates that when making significant business changes that may significantly affect employees, notice is to be given to the union that represents the employees (minimum notice periods are not disclosed due to confidentiality concerns).