President's Message

President Shigeru Ito
Shigeru Ito
Representative Director, President

Our goal is to produce and sell high-quality food, worldwide

Over the course of 130 years, Maruha Nichiro group has grown as a company by respecting people, society, and the world—all through the supply of food and seafood. Enjoying what nature gives us means we have a big responsibility to protect the natural environment for generations to come.

This responsibility is intrinsically linked to our success as a business, as the health of the environment translates to wholesome and delicious seafood. Our dedication to environmental protection and society as a whole—values reflected in our internal DNA—remain essential to our success.

New ways to approach sustainability and environmental protection are being discovered everyday. This means we need to change at a rapid pace. Global frameworks designed to assist sustainable development and our progress as a planet and community are supremely important. Now more than ever, companies with global businesses need to pursue more than profit: we need to be active contributors to sustainable development, societal growth, and the well-being of the planet that we share.

With the future and present in mind, Maruha Nichiro group has formed our new Medium to Long-term Management Plan.

To improve the company’s value, we will work on reorganizing production bases, strengthening product development, and rebuilding a value chain which makes the most of our access to marine resources. We will work on investing in growth and strengthening the financial base. Additionally, Maruha Nichiro Group will focus its business activities more than ever on contributing to—and creating—forward-thinking environmental and social values.

Sustainability, environmental protection, and the progress of society are all reflected in our corporate and economic value systems.