President’s Message

President Masaru Ikemi
Masaru Ikemi
Representative Director, President & CEO

Bold innovation for sustainable growth

What values does Maruha Nichiro stand for? How can we give more back to society? These questions have guided us for over 140 years in our mission to bring wholesome, safe, and healthy food to the world.

As beneficiaries of the ocean’s bounty, we have corporate responsibilities that go beyond mere improvements in productivity and profitability. The world’s marine resources are not limitless. We must help ensure that they are used sustainably, keeping the seas and the rest of our environment healthy and beautiful for future generations.

This determination is what drives us to seek new ways we can solve social challenges through our business activities. At the same time, we strive to raise our corporate value still further through initiatives around health management, diversity, and human resources training.

Social and economic change is accelerating, making predictions increasingly difficult. However, greater diversity in lifestyles and ways of thinking seems all but certain. Evolving with the environment will be crucial to our survival. We must embrace bold innovation as a foundation for sustainable growth and development to ensure that Maruha Nichiro Group will still exist a century from now—and beyond.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you.