Lifelong Health Plan

Basic Approach

The Maruha Nichiro Group develops and offers food products containing functional ingredients proven to be health-promoting and products formulated to be good for the body with the aim of providing healthy options for each life stage.

Medium-term Sustainability Management Plan (FY2018–2021)

Support Customer Health throughout All Life Stages through Product Development and Supply, and Information Dissemination

Medium-term Goal
Promote communication based on the lifelong health plan and strengthen research and development
Action Plan
  • Drive promotional activities
  • Study and develop fish eating and fish-derived functional ingredients
Medium-term Goal
Contribute to health and wellness
Action Plan
  • Promote healthy bodies with food with function claims, salt reduction, calcium fortification, reduced calories, countermeasures against metabolic syndrome, and bone strengthening
  • Promote food products that benefit mental health and tastefulness

Physical and Mental Health

The Maruha Nichiro Group follows a Lifelong Health Plan that guides its creation of food products formulated to promote health at specific life stages. In line with the plan, the Group develops and offers products created to support physical and mental health. Examples include seafood that maintains the balance in nature and that uses functional ingredients proven to have beneficial health effects, such as the DHA present in fish that has been linked to improving heart health, as well as items that are low-salt and designed for attractiveness to individuals undergoing nursing care.

In fiscal 2018, the Group conducted "DHA Day" on June 22 promoting the health benefits of DHA in fish on Facebook and other social media and held a special seminar on DHA. The Maruha Nichiro Group will continue conducting R&D and developing technologies to help people maintain lifelong health.