Maruha Nichiro Corporation (“Maruha Nichiro”) is committed to comply with the Law concerning Protection of Personal Information of Japan and other related laws and regulations in handling your Personal Information. For the purpose of this Personal Information Protection Policy, “Personal Information” means information of a living individual which can identify the specific individual.

Acquisition and Use of Personal Information

Maruha Nichiro will acquire Personal Information in a lawful and appropriate manner and will explicitly establish the purposes of use of Personal Information and notify and/or announce such purposes.

1. Accessing our Website

When you access our Website, your browser will transfer certain data to our web server. This is done for technical reasons and required to make available to you the requested information. To facilitate your access to the Website, the following data are collected, briefly stored and used:

  • IP address
  • Date and time of access
  • Content of request (specific site)
  • Status of access/HTTP status code
  • Transferred volume of data
  • Website requesting access
  • Browser, language settings, version of browser software operating system and surface

2. Use of Cookies

This Website uses so-called “cookies.” Cookies are commonly used technology in website browsing and they store certain information which your browser may (depending on the lifespan of the cookie) retransmit to us upon your next visit to our Website. Using such cookies, it is possible to recognize the visitor's browser in order to optimize the website and simplify its use. Our Website also uses Google Analytics which uses cookies assigned a randomly generated ID to your device, enabling us to recognize your device upon your next access. Data collected via cookies will not be used to determine the personal identity of the website visitor.
For information on Google Analytics is available on their website.

3. Use of Contact Forms

You can contact us directly via the contact forms available on our Website. In particular, you may provide us with the following information:

  • Name, surname and title
  • Country
  • Contact data (e.g. e-mail address, phone number)
  • Message

Maruha Nichiro collects, processes and uses the information provided by you via the contact forms exclusively for the processing of your specific request.

Management of Personal Information

Maruha Nichiro will take all measures necessary from technical and organizational point of view to prevent unauthorized access to Personal Information, loss, destruction, falsification and leakage of Personal Information. Maruha Nichiro shall select service providers, which handle Personal Information in an appropriate manner, and will supervise service providers as necessary and appropriate to ensure the security control of the Personal Information.

Request Concerning Retained Personal Information

When the principal identified requests disclosure, correction, suspension of use etc. of the relevant retained Personal Information under applicable laws and other related legislation, Maruha Nichiro will respond properly to such request.


If you have any problems, questions or ideas, please contact one of the following departments.