Marine Pollution

Basic Approach

Environmental pollution caused by marine plastic spills is an issue of global importance, and the Maruha Nichiro Group, which is deeply involved in the ocean, sees it as an equally important issue. We will promote our response to the marine plastic issue in cooperation with industry associations, related NGOs, and others to make our activities more effective.

KGIs and KPIs from FY2022 to FY2030

Materiality: Action for marine pollution by marine plastics

Ideal state in 2030 (KGI): We practice zero discharge of plastics into the ocean along our supply chain, including from our own Company

Department in charge: , Maruha Nichiro Corporation

Achievement targets (KPI)Target yearTarget valueFY2022
Establishment of fishing gear management guidelines
and operational rates (Overall G)
2024100%Establishment of a draft and preparation of trial implementation of fishing gear management guidelines★★★☆☆
Employee participation rate in coastal cleanup
(Domestic G)
203030% or moreEmployee participation rate in cleanup: 7.9%★★★★☆

*MN: Maruha Nichiro Corporation

Note: The department in charge is Maruha Nichiro Corporation.

Message from Representative

Corporate Planning Department Sustainability Group Group Director Yusuke Sato

Yusuke Sato

Deputy general Manager
Sustainability Group
Corporate Planning Department

The "Marine pollution" is a characteristic materiality of our group that is not often seen in other companies.

The reduction of plastic usage is also included in the initiatives and KPIs under the materiality "Contribute to the realization of a recycling-oriented society," and it was the second most interesting social issue in the employee survey conducted during the materiality review process of the medium-term management plan. However, we have set "addressing the marine plastic problem" as a separate materiality because it was the second most important social issue in the employee survey during the materiality review process of the medium-term management plan, and because the Maruha Nichiro Group is a company deeply involved in the ocean.

Our efforts can be divided into two categories: activities to prevent the discharge of marine plastic (management of fishing gear) and activities to collect as much of the discharged material as possible (clean-up activities). The former is to be promoted along the supply chain, including our group, and the latter is to be spread throughout society by observing the efforts of our group.

Main Initiatives in FY2022

Cleanup Activity "Make Sea Happy!"

The Maruha Nichiro Group conducts cleanup activities throughout Japan. In recent years, the problem of marine plastic has become a major environmental issue, and in order to make our cleanup activities more effective, we are conducting cleanup activities under the new name of "Make Sea Happy!" In FY2022, "Make Sea Happy!" activities were held 16 times with 780 participants (including the general public).

Purpose of "Make Sea Happy!"

"Make Sea Happy!" is defined as a "cleanup activity to address the marine plastic problem," and its main feature is to keep a record of the types of litter picked up, instead of just throwing it away.Information on litter collected is submitted to NGO groups such as the Ocean Conservancy, and is used as litter survey data, along with data from cleanup activities being conducted around the world.Although the amount of trash that can be picked up each time is limited, the goal of "Make Sea Happy!" is to increase the number of participants and expand the circle of people who are interested in the problem of ocean plastic through the use of information on the trash submitted.

Make Sea Happy !
Make Sea Happy !
Make Sea Happy !
Make Sea Happy !
Make Sea Happy !
Make Sea Happy !
Make Sea Happy !
Make Sea Happy !
Make Sea Happy !

“Make Sea Happy!” Cleanup Activities at NSA (Nippon Surfing Association) Competitions

As an effort to expand the "Make Sea Happy!" cleanup activities outside the company, “Make Sea Happy!” clean-up activities are conducted at the venue of Junior Open Surfing Championships of the Nippon Surfing Association (NSA) held, and at the venue of All Japan Surfing Championships held.Many people, mostly athletes who participated in the tournament and their associates, participated in the activities.

Started Test Operation of Lost Fishing Gear Records

The Maruha Nichiro Group has begun test operation of lost fishing gear records at Taiyo A&F Corporation to record fishing gear lost during the operation of fishing vessels, with the aim of establishing fishing gear guidelines by 2024. The Group plans to study recording methods and other details, and to begin operating the system on a Group-wide basis.

Other Initiatives