Growth Opportunities

Basic Approach

The Maruha Nichiro Group follows a Company credo of “Loyal to our people, the most important asset of our company” and believes that the personal growth of our employees directly connects to the growth of the Group. We provide opportunities for advancement and growth by empowering employees to utilize their strengths and independence.

Medium-term Sustainability Management Plan (FY2018–2021)

Provide growth opportunities

Medium-term Goal
  • Nurture next generation of leaders
  • Nurture global human resources
  • Support career development

Action Plan (Key measures)

  • Initiate program for training the next generation of management personnel
  • Accelerate global human resource training
  • Renew human resource training scheme


  • Conducted part of the training for employees selected as potential next-generation leaders online
  • The number of employees targeted to nurture global human resources in the second half of FY2020 was 48, with 3 graduates as of March 2021

Action Plan (Key measures)

  • Continue training to nurture the next generation of leaders
  • Continue training to nurture global human resources
  • Provide new line management training linked to the new personnel system (under consideration)

Maruha Nichiro Corporation

Department in charge

Personnel Department, Maruha Nichiro Corporation

Management Structure

Executive Officers under the President and General Manager of the Personnel Department regularly hold discussions on approaches to human resources and workforce requirements in order to carry out management strategy. Cross-functional collaboration also takes place among the many sections within the Personnel Department and we are accumulating and utilizing information on human resources using our talent management system and learning management system (LMS).

Nurture the Next Generation of Leaders

The business environment is changing at a dizzying pace. As globalization and technological innovation advance, it is essential to cultivate core personnel who can look at things from a higher vantage point  and shoulder the burden of management and business in the medium- to long-term. This is why Maruha Nichiro Corporation is actively nurturing next-generation leadership and global human resources. Particularly with respect to next-generation leaders, we launched a program in FY2018 to systematically discover human resources with such qualities from a broad range of demographics and departments and nurture management candidates to be shared by Maruha Nichiro Corporation, and are conducting training and other activities aimed at cultivating administrative leaders.

Nurture Personnel with Specific Skills and Personnel to Take Action in Overseas Markets

In recent years, the birthrate is declining and the population is aging, especially in developed countries, and the working-age population is expected to decline significantly in Japan in the coming years. The shortage of successors due to the retirement of skilled employees at production plants has become an issue for the Maruha Nichiro Group as well.
In addition to conventional level-based training, we are working to develop human resources with specific skills tied directly to corporate competitiveness and human resources who can play an active role in global markets.

At Maruha Nichiro Corporation, on the other hand, we have been recruiting participants for the Global Personnel Training Program every year since 2014 with the aim of fostering “human resources who can achieve results in their work anywhere and together with anyone, both in Japan and overseas.”

In FY2020, 48 people registered to participate, and we carried out training to ensure they meet requirements in "responding to diversity," "communication skills," "leadership", "mental fortitude," and "professionalism," within a prescribed period of time. We are making progress with building a pool of human resources with not only language skills, but also cross-cultural management skills, as well as presentation skills and negotiation skills in global markets.

In addition, since FY2014 we have implemented the “overseas training system” in which a number of global personnel are dispatched to overseas group companies for one or two years.

Support Career Development

At the Maruha Nichiro Group, we engage in effective measures to create growth opportunities through various systems and mechanisms. These include redesigning our training programs to prompt behavioral changes in the workplace and providing support for employees to take activity in shaping their careers based on their own desired changes.

Ability Development System

We aim to achieve complementary career development and a synergistic increase in personal ability through level-based training, optional training, and self-development training based on an ability development system that supports role ranks.

Maruha Nichiro Ability Development System Diagram for FY2020

Maruha Nichiro Ability Development System Diagram for FY2020

As area-based training, we also offer training on quality control, developing ISO internal auditors, and customer service, etc. along with environmental training, including on environmental laws and regulations.

Looking Ahead

In FY2020, we were forced to change how to conduct trainings due to the COVID-19 pandemic, resulting in a quick transition to conducting online. In FY2021, we will continue to mainly conduct the trainings online. However, we will work to improve our educational methods for strengths that can only be achieved through online education, such as education that links our global bases. Also, to prevent reduced face-to-face communication associated with telecommuting, we will enhance training programs for line managers, who are key persons in the workplace, and include them in our training system in an effort to quickly transition to a new management style.