Growth Opportunities

Basic Approach

The Maruha Nichiro Group will follow its Company Credo of “Loyal to our people, the most important asset of our company” and believes that the personal growth of our employees contributes greatly to the development of the Group.

We provide opportunities for each and every employee to take on challenges by leveraging their strengths and demonstrating initiative.

Management Structure

President & CEO, Executive Officers and the General Manager of the Personnel Department regularly hold discussions on approaches to human resources and workforce requirements in order to realize management strategy.

Cross-functional cooperating also takes place among multiple sections within the Personnel Department and we are accumulating and utilizing information on human resources using our talent management system and learning management system (LMS).

KGIs and KPIs from FY2022 to FY2030

Materiality: Building work environment that diversified employees can work with a sense of security

Ideal state in 2030 (KGI): A workplace environment where diversity is respected, and employees feel safe and comfortable to work

Achievement targets (KPI)Target yearTarget valueFY2022
Percentage of female employees by maintaining 50% female recruitment ratio  (MN*)203035%
or more
Female recruitment ratio: 52%★★★☆☆
Percentage of women on Board of Directors (MN)203030%
or more
Ratio of female among all Directors and Audit & Supervisory Board members: 15.4%★★★☆☆
Female management job ratio (MN)203015%
or more
In April 2023, the ratio of female managers increased from 5.5% to 7.0%★★★☆☆
Establishment of Maruha Nichiro Human Resource Development Program and targets set 2030 targets (MN)2024-Establish various training programs including Global Personnel Training Program★★★☆☆
Establish employee engagement
assessment methodology and set 2030 targets (MN)
2024-Approach to employee engagement was established at Maruha Nichiro Corporation and expanded globally★★★☆☆

*MN: Maruha Nichiro Corporation

Note: The department in charge is Personnel Department, Maruha Nichiro Corporation.

Message from Representative

Personnel Department General Manager Akira Abe

Akira Abe

Personnel Department
General Manager

Personnel Department has set forth three action themes in the mid-term plan as "proactive investment in human resources": "enhancement of human capital," "human resources development," and "visualization and utilization of human resources," and by the end of FY2024, we will establish the foundation of a system to produce the human resources necessary to achieve the next mid-term plan, and by April 2025, we will establish a system that will enable us to recruit, assign, and train human resources in accordance with our management strategy. By April 2025, we aim to establish a system that will enable us to hire, assign, and train human resources in accordance with our management strategy.

In addition, we will work to foster a corporate culture in which the strengths of each individual can be fully demonstrated by promoting the activities of diverse human resources, health management and wellbeing, and flexible work styles. Furthermore, we aim to create an organizational culture that facilitates innovation and collaboration, and to achieve continuous growth and increase corporate value through a win-win relationship between the company and its employees.

Main Initiatives in FY2022

Visualization and Utilization of Human Capital

In 2022, we introduced a talent management system with the aim of effectively utilizing human resources, and in 2023, we are working on creating a job definition (Job Description: JD) for section managers with the aim of enhancing employee career independence, retention, and succession programs.

With the formulated JD, we aim to use it to visualize abilities that are lacking within the company, as well as to implement reskilling (human resource development), selection of key positions, and renewal of the Succession Program. Measures leading to career independence and retention will be formulated during FY2024, and we will continue to focus on human resource development.

Human Resource Development for Management Leaders

As the business environment undergoes rapid changes, globalization and technological innovation, it is essential to create core human resources with a higher and broader perspective to take charge of management and business in the mid- to long-term. Maruha Nichiro Corporation is therefore actively promoting the development of next-generation management leaders and global human resources. In particular, for next-generation management leaders, we have launched a program in fiscal 2018 to identify "human assets" with such qualities from a wide range of positions and departments, and systematically develop them as candidates for management human assets to be shared by Maruha Nichiro Corporation.

In FY2022, we dispatched employees to external training programs for the purpose of nurturing next-generation management leaders.

Total number of participants dispatched: 26 (managers: 15, assistant managers and below: 11); total cost: 11 million yen; total learning time: 927 hours.

Develop and Secure Human Resources That Contribute to Our Sustainability Strategy (Materiality)

We believe that the appropriate conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity and ecosystems is an important initiative to further strengthen our competitiveness.

Against this background, as a human resources strategy for the conservation of fishery resources and the future of the fishery industry, we will actively promote the development and securing of human resources who are familiar with international fishery and aquaculture certification standard systems, as well as domestic and international fishery administration.

Global Human Resource Development

In recent years, the declining birthrate and aging population, especially in developed countries, in addition to the decline in the working-age population in Japan, and the recent acceleration of the mobility of human resources, have made it a challenge to secure human resources that can contribute to the creation of corporate value. As part of our management strategy to maximize corporate value, we are working to develop human resources with specific skills directly related to corporate competitiveness and who can play an active role in the global market, in addition to the usual training programs by job level, with the priority theme of expanding our group-wide expansion into overseas markets and strengthening access to resources.

As part of this effort, Maruha Nichiro Co., Ltd. has renewed its "Global Human Resource Development Program" and has been operating and promoting it annually since fiscal 2018. Participants are selected based on self-reported applications (career-track employees who have been with the company for two years or more and are under 35 years of age), and are determined based on TOEIC and TSST (Test of Spoken English) results. 19 employees newly registered to participate in fiscal 2022, and a total of 58 employees are enrolled, including those continuing from the previous year.

The content of the training program consists of mandatory training such as "Intercultural Responsiveness," "Leadership," "Management," and "Resilience," and our original elective training such as "GLOBUS Work Seminars" and "Overseas Trainee System." In order to obtain certification for completion, employees must meet four criteria, including "attendance at mandatory training," "meeting internal TOEIC and TSST standards," and a final presentation to management within three and a half years of the training period.

In this way, while building a pool of human resources who have acquired skills in cross-cultural management, presentation in the global market, negotiation, etc., in addition to improving their language skills, we will systematically have them take on the core roles of management and business operations at overseas subsidiaries and gain experience from among them. We are developing managerial human resources who can make the most of our governance overseas.

Persons certified as having completed the Global Human Resource Development Program: Cumulative total of 9 people

Career Development Support

The Maruha Nichiro Group is working on effective measures by creating various systems and mechanisms as growth opportunities, such as redesigning training programs to encourage behavioral changes in the workplace and supporting proactive career development based on surveys of employees' transfer requests. Based on a competency development system that corresponds to role grades, we are working to synergistically enhance individual abilities and promote complementary career development through rank-specific training, elective training, and self-development training.

Maruha Nichiro Ability Development System Diagram for FY2023

Maruha Nichiro Ability Development System Diagram for FY2023