Communication Map

Basic Approach

The Maruha Nichiro Group is closely involved not only with customers who buy products, but many stakeholders including employees, suppliers, nearby residents, shareholders and investors, along with the global environment.

It is essential to build trustful relationships with stakeholders in order to continually improve corporate value. Therefore, we create opportunities to provide information about the Group and listen to stakeholders' expectations and opinions through various forms of communication.

We actively use the feedback we receive to promote the sustainability of the Group.

Communication Map

Stakeholders Materiality Main Contact Point Communication Methods
Customers Supply safe and secure foods Quality Assurance Department Website
Promote consumer-oriented management Consumer Relations Center Advertising
Promote lifelong health plan Corporate Communication Department
Central Research Institute
Shareholders and Investors Proper information disclosure Corporate Communication Department Results Announcements
Shareholders Meeting
Report Documents (shareholder communications, reports)
Business Partners Practice sustainable procurement Corporate Planning Department Website and Survery of Suupliers
Employees Provide growth opportunities Personnel Department Intranet
Promote safe and ideal working conditions Personnel Department Internal Training
Promote diversity and work practice reform Personnel Department Communication training (NAVI)
Promote a proactive approach to human rights Personnel Department Internal Training
Promote health management Personnel Department Internal Seminar
Communities and Society Coexist with regional communities in mutual prosperity Corporate Planning Department Website
Maruha Nichiro Group Companies Participation in local events
NPOs/NGOs/Academia/etc. Global information gathering Corporate Planning Department Participation in daialogue (SeaBOS, etc)

Stakeholder Voice

See the following pages for voices from actual stakeholders.

Social Value

Environmental Value

Questionnaire for Employees about Integrated Report

We conducted a questionnaire for Maruha Nichiro Corporation employees about the Maruha Nichiro Group Integrated Report 2020. A total of 587 employees responded to the questionnaire, which is more than double the previous fiscal year (217 employees). This indicates that interest in our integrated report is growing internally. Also regarding content, 75% of respondents answered they “understood it” or “understood it well”. Employees also provided such feedback as “compared to last fiscal year, the report was better organized and I understood the situation over the previous fiscal year” and “the report helped me better understand the company’s overall initiatives.”