Better Workplaces

Basic Approach

In the Maruha Nichiro Group's broad-ranging supply chain, human resources are active at a variety of sites, including fishing, aquaculture, processing, storage and logistics, and sales bases. We recognize that ensuring the health and safety of our employees leads to increased productivity and greater employee awareness, which is essential for sustainable corporate growth, and we are working to maintain and promote occupational health and safety.

Medium-term Sustainability Management Plan (FY2018-2021)

Promote Safe and Ideal Working Conditions

Targets: Maruha Nichiro Corporation

Department in charge: Personnel Department, Maruha Nichiro Corporation

Target FY2021 Medium-term Management Plan Self-Assessment
Action Plan (Key measures) Achievements
Maintain and promote safe working conditions- fewer work hours and eliminate harassment in the workplace
  • Continue holding workshops on time management and harassment.
  • Conducted labor system modifications to make it easier to manage the working hours of subordinates, and created a labor system tailored to the actual labor situation in each department.
  • Produced an original educational video on harassment all employees and distributed to all employees
  • Collaborated with Ono Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. to launch a foods with function claims product (REMWELL) using salmon roe oil. Developed salmon roe oil-related functionalities (two applications)


  • Implemented monitoring through various committee meetings, as well as employee training and awareness-raising through various workshops, e-learning programs, etc.
  • Promoted safe and ideal workplace environments

Management Structure

Occupational Health and Safety Management Structure

At Maruha Nichiro Corporation, seven directly managed plants and the Foods & Fine Chemicals Production Group have obtained ISO45001* certification.

*ISO45001: An international standard related to occupational health and safety management system

Main Initiatives in FY2021

Occurrence of Work-related Accidents

As products developed in recent years have become more complex and diverse, correspondingly, the nature of work-related accidents is becoming more complicated. The Maruha Nichiro Group is working to reduce the number of work-related accidents by sharing information on work-related accidents that have occurred within the Group.

The occurrence of work-related accidents within the Maruha Nichiro Group in FY2021 is as follows.

Maruha Nichiro Group Occurrence of Work-related Accidents (Maruha Nichiro Corporation + 26 primary Group Companies)

Frequency rate 5.89
Severity rate 0.15

[Calculation formula]
Frequency rate= number of injuries/fatalities due to work ÷ number of working hours × 1,000,000
Severity rate = number of workdays lost ÷ number of working hours × 1,000

Maruha Nichiro Group (The following companies are subject to audit in Japan: AIXIA, Maruha Nichiro Retail Service, Kanonji Kaisan, Kyushu Uoichi, Kyushu Chuo Uoichi, Koyo Suisan, Sungourmet Corporation, Shinko Gyorui, Daikyo Gyorui, Daitoh Gyorui, Daito Gyorui, Taiyo A&F, Taiyo Shokuhin, Central Surimi Laboratory, Maruha Nichiro Yamagata, Delica Wave (Shonan plant, Niigata plant, Nagano plant), Maruha Nichiro Seafoods, Nichiro Chikusan, Nihon Silo, Maruha Nichiro Asset, Maruha Nichiro Kitanippon, Maruha Nichiro Kyushu, Maruha Nichiro Logistics, Yayoi Sunfoods, Ryukyu Taiyo, Maruha Nichiro (headquarters/branches, Meat and Products Department No. 1 Tokachi, Central Research Institute, Development Center, directly managed plants, Foods & Fine Chemicals Department [Mori, Utsunomiya])

Preventing Long Working Hours and Harassment

To prevent long working hours, the Maruha Nichiro Group has established Occupational Health and Safety committees in each business site based on work regulations and labor agreements, which take measures such as ascertaining the true state of overtime work and reviewing problems within the workplace.

In addition, a flextime system with no core hours has been adopted by all departments and divisions of the head office and regional branches of Maruha Nichiro Corporation, to prevent long working hours and advance flexible ways of working.

To prevent harassment, we have established a whistleblowing system and a harassment consultation desk, and are conducting various educational activities, including training on psychological safety, and produced an educational video on harassment for employees that can be accessed online.

We will continue working to understand the work environment in all situations and plan and execute measures related to promoting safe and ideal working conditions.

Organizing Labor Manager Meetings

The Maruha Nichiro Group considers "Promote safe and ideal working conditions" to be one of its priority issues and has been continuously holding Labor Manager Meetings.

The Labor Manager Meetings are a meeting body of labor relations managers from our Group Companies and are held periodically every year.

At the Meeting, participants discuss how to respond to revised labor-related laws and precedents, including practices for equal pay for equal work, and exchange information on labor-related issues within the Group.

KGIs and KPIs from FY2022 to FY2030

In line with formulating the new Medium-term Management Strategy "For the Ocean, for Life MNV 2024,” we reevaluated the new nine important issues (materiality) on March 28, 2022, and formulated Ideal State in 2030 (KGI) and Achievement Targets (KPI) for each materiality.

We will work on the targets formulated from FY2022 to be Ideal State in 2030.


Building work environment that diversified employees can work with a sense of security

Ideal State in 2030 (KGI)

workplace environment where diversity is respected, and employees feel safe and comfortable to work

Achievement Targets (KPI)
GRI Standards Target value Target year
Establishment of Maruha Nichiro Human Resource Development Program and targets set 2030 targets (MN*) 2024
Establish employee engagement assessment methodology and set 2030 targets (MN*) 2030
Main SDGs to which we contribute

*MN = Maruha Nichiro Corporation