Better Workplaces

Basic Approach

The Maruha Nichiro Group proactively implements occupational health and safety measures and believes that maintaining safe and comfortable work environments boosts productivity and employee conscientiousness. The Group Code of Conduct requires that employees vow to "environments that are supportive, convivial, and embrace diversity."

Medium-term Sustainability Management Plan (FY2018–2021)

Promote Safe and Ideal Working Conditions

Medium-term Goal
Maintain/promote safe working conditions—fewer work hours and eliminate harassment in the workplace
Action Plan
  • Hold seminars for executives
  • Reduce overtime work

Preventing Long Work Hours and Harassment

Long work hours and harassment in the workplace are important management issues that can have repercussions on employees' personal well-being. The Maruha Nichiro Group maintains committees dedicated to occupational health and safety at each worksite. In addition to ensuring conformance with labor regulations, collective agreements, and other stipulations, the committees monitor actual overtime work conditions and local worksite issues and implement measures to prevent excessive work hours.

The Group actively seeks to prevent harassment in the workplace by providing a whistleblower system and harassment consultation service and conducting seminars for management and other activities to raise awareness of harassment. Maruha Nichiro Corporation additionally conducts "No Overtime Days" and offers a flextime system, both of which positively contribute to raising work efficiency.