Notice of Establishment of Seacon Italia S.r.l
Strengthens sales of seafood products to the Italian market following the UK

June 14, 2022

Seafood Connection B.V. ("Seacon"), a subsidiary of Maruha Nichiro Corporation, has established Seacon Italia S.r.l. ("Seacon Italia") through a joint investment with Agrofish Italia S.r.l. ("Agrofish").

Seacon Italia S.r.l

1. Outline of Seacon Italia

Company name: Seacon Italia S.r.l
Location: Via Somma campagna 63/e - 37137 Verona, Italia
Capital :20,000 Euro
Number of employees: 5
Business activities: Fisheries trading
Date of establishment: June 1, 2022

2. Outline of the joint venture Agrofish

Company name: Agrofish Italia S.r.l
Location: Via Somma campagna 63/e - 37137 Verona, Italia
Number of employees: 10 (as of May 2022)
Business activities: Fisheries trading

Italy’s consumption of seafood products in Europe ranks first, and fourth in per household consumption (*1) after Portugal, Spain, and France.
Agrofish, based in Verona, Italy, is strong in the sale of fresh seafood products with close ties to the local community, and has been doing business with Seacon for some time. By establishing Seacon Italia with Agrofish, Maruha Nichiro will promote sales to the Italian market, the largest consumer of seafood products in Europe, further expand its business in overseas markets, and strengthen distribution and sales of marine products in Europe.

*1 Eurostat EU fishmarket 2020

Maruha Nichiro Group has set out "Strategic investment to businesses of growth driver" as a management strategy to enhance corporate value and achieve sustainable growth in its medium-term management plan “For the ocean, for life MNV 2024” (*2). And accelerate expanding operation in overseas out of Japan.
The establishment of this new company is a part of the management strategy set out in the medium-term management plan, and will promote the expansion and further growth of seafood supply chain in Europe. Seacon and its group subsidiaries are sole entrance of Maruha Nichiro group seafood supply chain into Europe and has rapidly expanded its presence throughout Europe.
The establishment of Seacon Italia, following the acquisition of shares in Northcoast in the U.K. in May 2022, brings Seacon's total number of production and sales bases to eight, keeping its ambition to continue entering other European countries through Maruha Nichiro Group's global network.

*2 Maruha Nichiro's medium-term management plan “For the ocean, for life MNV 2024”.

Seacon's sales expansion in Europe and its history to date can be found here.

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