Disclosure Policy

Report Profile

Basic Approach

The Sustainability Report (Internet version) reports on the targets for FY2021 and the main initiatives, events, and changes in FY2018 in accordance with the main objectives of the Medium-term Sustainability Management Plan (FY2018 to FY2021) that was started from April 2018. This plan is our framework for sustainability management. We are also endeavoring to disclose quantitative data, and we will work to strengthen sustainability management and expand the scope of disclosure.

This report has been disclosed in accordance with the core requirements of the GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards* that share global guidelines on sustainability information disclosure. The purpose of this is to communicate to a wide range of stakeholders on the sustainability initiatives of the Maruha Nichiro Group in a manner that is easy to understand and that ensures the certainty, transparency, and inclusiveness of information.

*Guidelines issued by the NPO GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) that have become the global standard for sustainability reporting. Please refer to the GRI Content Index for the main objectives and GRI requirements.

Reference Guidelines and Indicators

  • GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards
  • ISO26000 Guidance on Social Responsibility
  • Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact
  • Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Period of the Report

FY2018 (April 2018 to March 2019)
*Some information is from April 2019 and afterwards.

Organizations being reported on

76 companies subject to consolidation in the Maruha Nichiro Group
*Some organizations may not be included in the scope depending on the contents of the report. There will be a note if there are limits on the scope.


None of the contents included in this report media have been produced for the purpose of encouraging investment. We ask that users make investment-related decisions based on their own responsibility. In addition to past and current facts, information in this report also includes plans, forward-looking statements, and strategies based on information that is currently available. These statements are subject to risks and uncertainties relating to the economic climate, market trends and changes to tax and legal systems. Accordingly, please be aware that actual results released in the future could vary due to various factors.