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Fried Rice: a classic, perfected

Fried rice can be tricky. Achieving the perfect rice consistency with the right balance of ingredients can make or break the dish. Sometimes the grains of rice can be too soggy or too crispy. Each individual ingredient—the vegetables, the meat, and the rice—needs meticulous care and attention to keep all those flavors intact. When prepared correctly, fried rice is undeniably delicious. And we believe we’ve got delicious down to a science with our authentic frozen fried rice product, The Toss-fried Pork Fried Rice.

In the beginning, we had the desire to make authentic, restaurant-quality fried rice you could enjoy in the comfort of your own home. We were looking to appeal to the widest possible audience, so we researched flavor, cooking methods, and taste preferences. After extensive back-and-forths, we finally came to the conclusion that most consumers prefer a simple, refined fried rice dish - one that sticks to the core ingredients: rice, eggs, pork and green onions. But, how could we stay simple and stand out from the competition at the same time?

We knew we had to consult a professional. So we decided to ask a true master: Hikoaki Tan, published cookbook author and the head executive chef at Akasaka Rikyu, a famous Cantonese restaurant in Tokyo, Japan. His fried rice was famous for its texture - not too sticky, not too dry. In other words, he was the best candidate to help us stay basic and be exceptional at the same time.

Luckily, and for the first time ever, Hikoaki allowed a food company to enter his kitchen to study his methods. We jumped at the opportunity and thoroughly researched his fried rice culinary process, from the seasonings and technique, even down to the temperature of the pan surface and the timing of adding ingredients.

We wanted to get every detail right. So, after visiting his kitchen every day for a month, we took all that knowledge and digitized it in a unique machine that reproduces every stage of the master chef’s fried rice recipe, step-by-step. With a 1.2m diameter and a seven-pan carousel, the machine is a powerhouse. It can cook a substantial amount of fried rice packs at the same time, fry rice, eggs, and other ingredients - all in a few minutes. The result is an authentic, aromatic fried rice with grains of rice that are plump, yet crispy—made possible by the Toss-fried process.

Maruha Nichiro’s Toss-fried Pork Fried Rice achieves the drier, plump texture by frying the rice at a high temperature in a short time, with the pork slowly cooked in a rich, special sauce. Then we freeze it to keep all the flavors packed inside, so you can enjoy the most appetizing bowl of fried rice in your home—all you have to do is warm it up in the microwave.

Inspired by the best chefs in the world, it took over two years from planning to development to finally achieve exemplary fried rice. Day in, day out we’re dedicated to making the most delicious food products for you and your family. Now high-quality fried rice—with each ingredient prepared to perfection—is quick, easy, and delicious.

Toss-fried Pork Fried Rice
Toss-fried Pork Fried Rice
*Actual product may differ from pictured.
Image of tossed rice during frying
Image of tossed rice during frying

March, 2019

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