Together with UMAMI Bioworks, a Singaporean Cell-cultivated Pioneer Maruha Nichiro Corporation Launches Collaboration to Accelerate the Development of Cell-cultivated Seafood Products
Promoting the Commercialization of Next-Generation Seafood

Aug 30, 2023

Maruha Nichiro Corporation (Head Office: Koto-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Masaru Ikemi) has entered into a collaboration agreement with UMAMI Bioworks (Head Office: Singapore and CEO: Mihir Pershad) to develop and commercialize cell-cultivated seafood products. The collaboration will focus on accelerating cell-cultivated technology for seafood.

Since August 2021, Maruha Nichiro has been engaged in joint research and development of cell-cultivated seafood products with leading domestic companies in cell culture. In anticipation of changes in the global business environment, including technological and legal developments, Maruha Nichiro will expand their research and development system and accelerate their progress toward early commercialization by collaborating with new overseas companies.

UMAMI Bioworks is a Singapore-based biotechnology company that provides food companies with a standardized, modular and automated production platform for cultivated seafood. They have succeeded in developing cell-cultivated product prototypes and are currently in the midst of securing regulation for commercialization in key markets. Through this collaboration, we will leverage UMAMI Bioworks’ cell-cultivated platform and our seafood supply chain to create the foundation for the cell-cultivated industry in Japan and beyond.

About UMAMI Bioworks

Corporate Name: UMAMI Bioworks Pte Ltd.
Location: Singapore (89 Science Park Drive, The Rutherford, #04-22 Singapore 118261)
Founder and CEO : Mihir Pershad
Established: February 2020 (name changed from Umami Meats to Umami Bioworks in August 2023)
URL: https://umamibioworks.com/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/umamibioworks/

Since its founding, Maruha Nichiro has contributed to people's food and health through the supply of high-quality fish protein. In response to rising demand for fish around the world, we will work to establish a next-generation fish protein supply system using cell culture technology. As a sustainable marine product supplier and a comprehensive food company that provides “For the ocean, for life”, we will create new value for the next generation and work to create a better world.

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