Notice Regarding Participation in “TECH PLANTER” Maruha Nichiro supports startups having technologies to solve global "Deep Issues”

June 22, 2021

Maruha Nichiro Corporation is pleased to announce today to take part in “TECH PLANTER®” program, organized by Leave a Nest Co., Ltd. as a partner company in its 2021 round.

“TECH PLANTER” is a platform to solve "Deep Issues" that remains an open question through a collective "Deep Tech" science and technology, while exploring and developing real tech startups. The program consists of seven fields’ “TECH GRAND PRIX”, that is deep tech (manufacturing/hardware), agriculture, biotechnology, marine, medical technology, food and ecotechnology. Other than Maruha Nichiro, companies from many other industries such as pharmaceutical and food are participating in this program as partners. Maruha Nichiro will participate in two fields, namely marine and food technology.

Maruha Nichiro aims to design an amazing future by means of business ecosystem that is implemented by materializing open innovation through cooperation with startups having new technologies as well as interindustry collaboration. Maruha Nichiro strongly supports startups that have new technology and idea so that they can implement its science and technology in society, aiming at creating the “future norm”.



“TECH PLANTER” is a registered trademark of Leave a Nest Co., Ltd.

Contact for media inquiries:
Corporate Communication Department,
Maruha Nichiro Corporation