Notice of Participation in the "Real Tech Global Fund”

May 6, 2021

We support Real Tech Startups in Southeast Asia, aiming to find solutions for global "deep issues".

Maruha Nichiro Corporation (Head Office: Koto-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Masaru Ikemi) announced today that it will participate in the "Real Tech Global Fund" (official name: "Real Tech Global Fund 1 Investment Partnership") established by Real Tech Holdings Co. (Head office: Sumida-ku, Tokyo; Chairman: Yukihiro Maru, Akihiko Nagata).
Real Tech Global Fund, which announced its establishment in March 2020, aims to build an ecosystem to support deep tech startups in Southeast Asia to solve "Deep Issues" in the world. As of today, it has invested in three deep tech startups based in Singapore to accelerate inbound globalization through business collaboration and joint research with Japanese large companies, startups, and factories, especially the food and sustainability sectors are in high attention.
Maruha Nichiro, which is working to solve various social issues through food, will participate in this project together with startups that are challenging to solve social and environmental issues. We wish to create new value that will open up the future and create a better world.
In addition, by co-creating with entrepreneurs and startups that have high aspirations and technologies to solve deep issues, we will accelerate searching for innovations that are not limited to our own business domain, and aim to build a new innovation ecosystem.
Maruha Nichiro, under the brand statement "For the ocean, for life" which means specifically "creating a future for the sea and life", will support the social implementation of R&D-based innovative technologies that contribute to solving global and human issues to enrich people's lives and the earth.


REAL TECH FUND is a venture capital fund managed by Real Tech Holdings and its subsidiary Real Tech Japan. It solely invests in deep-tech startups solving societal and environmental issues.
Formal name: Real Tech Fund 1 Investment Limited Partnership (A), Real Tech Fund 2 Investment Limited Partnership (A), Real Tech Fund 3 Investment Limited Partnership (A), Real Tech Global Fund 1 Investment Business Partnership (B)

General Partner: (A) Real Tech Japan L.L.C
General Partner: (B) Real Tech Holdings Co.,Ltd.

For more information: https://www.realtech.fund

Contact for media inquiries:
Corporate Communication Department,
Maruha Nichiro Corporation