Information Security

Basic Policy

The Maruha Nichiro Group established "Information Security Management Regulations" to ensure convenience by utilizing our information assets, and to prevent information leakage, falsification, system failure due to computer virus, etc., comprehensively and systematically.

In order to put this basic policy into practice, we have established "Information Security Management Rules" and stipulate specific procedures and actions to be observed in order to take information security measures for information assets.

In addition, we are reviewing it as appropriate in line with changes in the social environment and the development of information technology, and we are working to promptly publish the latest version on the company intranet and make it known to all employees.

Measures to prevent information leakage

Handling of confidential information, we have established the "Document Management Regulations" and manage it in accordance with the standards for storage and disposal of documents.

In addition, handling of personal information, we fully recognize the importance of protecting personal information in the advanced communication society, we have set up a "personal information protection policy" based on laws and regulations applicable to the protection of personal information.

In order to implement "Personal Information Protection Policy", Maruha Nichiro Group has formulated the "Personal Information Protection Handling Regulations", thoroughly disseminates it to employees and related parties through e-learning using the intranet, etc., and complies with it through internal audits.

Furthermore, we are making continuous improvements, such as reviewing these regulations in a timely and appropriate manner.